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Terms of use

This website is registered under the domain “” and it is the property of Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l, legal office address: via Toscanini, 33 – 44124 Ferrara (FE), c.f. e p.i. 01606770384 (pec email

This page contains the legal notes for the access and utilization of website.

These conditions apply to all the content of the entire website.

The utilization and access to the website is subject to the careful understanding and acceptance of the terms of use.

The utilization of the website implies the full acceptance of the following terms of use.

Access to the website is free.

Some sections of this website can be consulted with no registration needed.

To acceed to other services of the website it is necessary to be registered.

Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l, as administrator of this website reserves the right to modify at any moment the following terms and conditions of use by simply updating this page.

Consequently, the visitors of this website are invited to verify periodically the updated versions of the terms of use.

Some of the following terms of use might also be surpassed and derogated by other specific terms expressed in other sections of this website.

Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l will commit to publish correct information on this website, but in any way this is not a warranty of correctness and completeness of the information present on this website.

It is understood that Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l is not under any obligation or commitment to update the material published on this website.

Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l will not be held responsible for malfunctions or direct/indirect damage of any nature that may derive from the utilization of this website.

The user is entirely responsible for the navigation on this website.

In particular the user is the only person responsible for communicating information and data that are incorrect, false, or concerning third parties without their explicit consent.

Privacy Policy

The user is strongly invited to read carefully the privacy policy contained in the dedicated section of this website.

That policy is informing users about how their personal data are gathered and used and for what purposes.

Licensing and copyright

Except where specifically stated in these terms of use or in other sections of this website, all the copyright and other rights concerning intellectual or industrial property or any right of any nature concerning one of the contents or layouts of this website is exclusive property of Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l.

These works are protected by Italian and European Community laws, international agreements and norms regulating the copyright; all the relative rights are reserved.

This website contains materials and information relating – though not exclusively- to photographs, pictures, texts, videoclips, audio clips, protected by copyright and/or other rights concerning intellectual and industrial property, therefore the exclusive right to reproduce, transcribe, distribute, translate, and more in general to use them for economic, commercial, patrimonial purposes is reserved exclusively toDaniel & Bob S.u.r.l and other thirds parties that may be authorized by Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l.

Therefore it is forbidden to download, reproduce, transcribe, send electronically or use in any way for economic, commercial, patrimonial purposes the materials and information mentioned above without the written consent of Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l.

It is possible to download or copy the material contained in this website exclusively for private use and after authorization of the owner.

The name and trademark Daniel & Bob as all the other symbols and trademarks in this website cannot be used as trademark or distinctive symbol, nor registered under any form without the written consent ofDaniel & Bob S.u.r.l

Any unauthorized use of the materials contained in this website is strictly forbidden.

In case of violation of any condition here presented, Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l reserves the right to deny access to the website and demand for immediate restitution or destruction of any material printed or downloaded from this website.

Partial quotations of the contents of this website are allowed for newswriting or reviewing provided that they present the indication of the source as “propriety of Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l” including the relative .

Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l reserves the right to reproduce the texts and contents of this website in other issues and programs.

No part of this website could be reproduced or filed in any other website, or included into any filing and research system without the written consent of Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l.

Any other right or authorization that is not explicitly mentioned in these terms of use is strictly reserved.

Commercial trademarks

Except where differently stated all the trademarks presented in this website, including the logos and symbols are protected by commercial copyright and are registered trademarks owned by their legitimate proprietors.

Denial of warranty and responsibility limitation

The user acknowledges to use this website at his own risk and will take the full responsibility for the navigation on this website.

It is explicitly denied Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l responsibility for any amount and for any kind of damage that may affect the user or any other third party (including as an example but not exclusively: any direct/indirect damage, loss of profit, loss of data, contractual or extra-contractual damage, re-evaluation of interest, deriving from or connected to the activity interruption) in any way depending on or connected to the use, impossibility of use and results of use of this website as well as depending on any other website that is linked to this website or depending on the materials presented on those websites including without limitation the loss or damage deriving from viruses that may infect the user’s electronic equipment, software, data or other property used to access, use, browse this website as well as download materials from this website and other websites that are linked to it .

Website use

The user takes any responsibility and cost that may be necessary to adequate his hardware, software or other equipment, as well as its repairing, maintenance, correction that might be necessary to use the services provided by this website.

The user that wants to consult this website is implicitly accepting that it is technically impossible to offer a website without flaws and that in any case he will not hold Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l responsible for anything, including a malfunction of his computer that may arise during or after the consultation and access to this website .

Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l cannot be responsible for the materials, contents and information that is provided through this website without Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l explicit consent and authorization, including what is provided by the user.

Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l cannot also be responsible for the topics and behaviors of the user during the consultation of this website.

The user commits:

  1. not to use this website or the material it contains to pursue illegal activities or to divulge and diffuse in any way the material that may lead to committing illegal activities.
  2. not to use this website in a way that interrupts, damages or make less efficient a part of the website or its entirety or any other way that damages the efficiency and functionality of this website;
  3. not to use this website to transmit or place viruses or any other material that is vilifying, offensive, obscene, threatening or that may damage or disturb other users;
  4. not to use this website in a way that constitutes a violation of people or companies rights (including for example the industrial property rights – law 633/41 – or confidentiality- d.lgs. 196/03);
  5. not to use this website to transmit material for advertising and/or promotional purposes without the explicit authorization of Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l

In case one user wants to exercise a right, or claim, or take action against any other user regarding the use of this website he/she commits to purse his right, claim or action independently and without any involvement on Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l side, taking any responsibility away from the owner of this website.

Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l doesn’t take any responsibility for the content and/or trueness of the content provided by users (also without authorization of the owner of this domain) that may be considered offensive or vilifying to third parties; Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l in any case reserves the right to remove as quickly as possible the contents that it considers offensive, useless, abusive or for any other reason, according to its own discretion; Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l doesn’t take any responsibility for the content of pictures nor it can be held responsible for pictures that may be offensive or damaging a third party’s image; Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l reserves the right to provide the email and IP addresses of the authors in case of legal matters or under request of the authorities .

The creation of users with the explicit purpose to offend and vilify is not tolerated by Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l .

Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l reserves the right to cancel those users and remove the contents they published.

Transmitted information

Any information transmitted by the user to Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l through this website including but not limited to messages, advices, ideas, creative tips, projects and any kind of data, commercial and marketing inquiry results (“Transmitted Information”) will be considered as not-confidential.

The transmission of any information will be considered as a free and irrevocable cession made by the user to Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l of all the rights owned by the user regarding that information. ConsequentlyDaniel & Bob S.u.r.l will be free to use in any form the content of that information or part of it and will not be forced to: a) maintain that information as confidential b) pay for the use of the transmitted information under any form.

The user grants that the transmission of information to Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l and the use that Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l will make of it is not violating in any way, completely or partially, the rights of a third party, including, but not limited to, copyright concerning intellectual and industrial property, personality rights, property rights, nor it constitutes a violation of industrial and commercial secrets.

The user will be the only person responsible for the information that he/she transmitted; in particular, the user commits to maintain Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l free from any liability and claims that might arise from a third party concerning rights of any kind that can relate to the transmitted information.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are regulated exclusively by Italian Law (Governing Law)

Any controversy related to these terms and the utilization of this website will be regulated by the Governing Law and under the exclusive of Ferrara’s court (Jurisdiction).

The utilization of this website implies the acceptance of the Governing Law and Jurisdiction.