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Daniel & Bob originated in Ferrara in the early seventies thanks to the initiative and creativity of two young guys, Daniele and Roberto. Both led by the same passion for the leather material, they started to realize belts and bags with an original and naive flavor, much appreciated by their friends and acquaintances.

After some months one of their friends, Andrea Bortolotti, fascinated by this artisan work, decided to join them. Later, more friends were added to this group.

A sort of “Leather Club” was formed and very soon the word-of-mouth rewarded their talent with an increasing number of orders and requests. More than anybody else the one who truly believed in the potentiality of this project was Andrea Bortolotti who, in 1975, decided to leave university and convert this improvised hobby in a real professional activity.

He decided to keep the name Daniel & Bob as recognition for his two friends who first started this path.

First bag designed by Andrea in October 1974

From the very beginning Daniel & Bob bags and belts stood out for their quality, craftsmanship and the originality of leathers that were bought in an antique tannery close to Santa Croce sull’Arno in Tuscany. Quality and variety of products became distinctive elements of Daniel & Bob together with its rare and skilled human capital that supported it and let it grow and establish itself as a unique company for style and quality in the artisan leather goods market.

Proud of its origins and strengthened by the passion and enthusiasm that have characterized its story, today Daniel & Bob combine the values of tradition and experience with the courage of innovation.


Design, modeling and realization of the final product are all happening within the same artisan workshop: this allows to create a synergy and prompt feedback among all the different production phases.

Daniel & Bob is guarding some skills that are becoming hard to find and pass on, and that is why the company gives the utmost importance to the talent and professionality of their artisans who are capable to create a perfect union between creativity and flexibility.

It can be stated without any conceit that today Daniel & Bob stands out as a recognized point of reference in the Italian leather goods scenario thanks to its taste in material research, the attention to details and the conception of new production techniques. In its hometown Daniel & Bob represents without any doubt an hotbed for young people willing to learn the art of leather good craftsmanship.