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Cookie Policy

Privacy Treatment Holder/Data Controller

The use of cookies by Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l. also referred to as the Data Controller, based in Via Toscanini 33 – 44124 Ferrara (Italy), is part of the Data Controller’s Privacy Policy in accordance with Italian legislation 196/03, the Personal Data Protection Code, and the subsequent Measure from May 8, 2014 entitled “Finding Simplified Methods for Informing on the Use of Cookies and the Acquisition of Consent”, by the Garante, the Italian DPA. In compliance with Article 13 of the Italian Data Privacy Code, we inform you that Daniel & Bob, as the Data Controller, acts in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Third Party Cookies

Cookies used by third parties are subject to the privacy policy set out by the third party entities. Therefore, the information we can provide regarding the scope of these cookies and the way in which they are managed, is all that we have in our possession. In any case, the collected data is kept for a limited period of time.

We may choose to integrate third-party apps on our site that offer you the opportunity to share content or inform third parties that you have visited our website. For example, features such as “Like” or “Share” proposed by social networking platforms (“Facebook”, “Twitter”, etc.) that may be included on our website.

Social networks that offer these features can identify you even if you do not use these features directly on our website. In fact, these features allow social networking platforms to collect information about your browsing on our website every time your social account is active while on our site.

Some Cookies are used by third parties to improve advertising and enhance user experience through more engaging contents (such as selecting adverts based on a user’s preferences, or maximising ad campaign performance).

We have no control over the way in which social networks collect your personal information while browsing our site. We invite you to read the privacy policies of the concerned social networks to understand how they use collected data on a user’s navigation (including for advertising purposes) through the above mentioned buttons to click. These privacy policies shall provide you with information on how to manage your preferences on your social network account.

Our website may contain cookies from third parties (advertising agencies, data analysts, etc.) which allow these subjects to gather information from your devices, including the measuring of our business campaigns’ effectiveness.



1 – Id Cookie

2 – Id

3 – Id, PREF, SID, NID, _drt_, FLC, exchange_uid, __gads, recently_watched_video_id_list


• These cookies are used to improve advertising and make it more engaging for end (final) users (by selecting adverts relevant to a given user, enhancing ad campaign performance , and preventing the repetition of ads to the same user). Such cookies do not contain personal information as they collect only anonymous data. In any case, these cookies persist for a limited amount of time.


1 datr, reg_fb_gate, reg_fb_ref, reg_fb_ext, wd, c_user, lu, sct, xs, x-referer, presence, p, lsd24, locale, _e_, fr, sub


• These cookies allow users to have the most appropriate listings, customize their navigation experience, determine if and which insertion has been shown, and eventually evaluate the impact. These cookies also make easier to share information with Facebook.



• These aggregated cookies allow the users to interact, directly from within the site, with many outside social networking platforms on topics and content proposed by the site. For purely illustrative purposes, these platforms could be, but are not limited to the following: Facebook Like Button for the Web, Twitter Widget, Incorporated YouTube videos, or embedded Slideshare presentations.



• These aggregated cookies are used to improve advertising and make it more engaging for final users (by selecting adverts relevant to a user, or enhancing ad campaign performance). For purely illustrative purposes, these platforms could be, but not limited to, the following: Facebook, Google Adwords, and Linkedin.



1 _ga

10 This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier. It is included in every site and is used to calculate the number of visitors and other useful data in order to produce statistical reports. The period of validity expires after two years by default. This information is used by Google Analytics 4.