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Cookie Policy

In order to make the navigation as easy as possible, this website use cookies.

Cookies are little text files that are registered locally in the temporary memory of the user browser, , for periods of time that may vary, from few hours to some years usually, with the exception of the profiling cookies that have a maximum duration of 365 solar days .

By using cookies it is possible to register in a semi-permanent manner the information relative to the user preferences and other technical data that permit a smoother navigation and better efficiency of the website.

For example, cookies can be used to determine if there’s already been a connection between the user computer and this website in order to maintain the “login” information .

If the user identifies some type of cookies used by this website that are not included in the categories here below he/she is invited to report it at the email address: or at the post mail address: Daniel & Bob S.u.r.l, Via Toscanini, 33 – 44124 Ferrara (FE) – Italy.

Types of cookies

This website use the following types of cookies:

1. Essential technical cookies

These cookies are necessary to the correct functioning of the website. They allow for the navigation through the pages, the sharing of contents, the memorizing of login information to make the access to the website faster. They also keep active the preferences and access credentials during navigation. Without these cookies we won’t be able to provide the services that the users need from this website.

2. Statistics and performance cookies

These cookies allow us to know in which manner the users utilize this website, in order to evaluate and improve its functioning and favor the production of contents that suit better the user needs. For example they allow us to know the most and least visited pages. Among other things they keep record of the number of visitors and the time spent on the website by the average of the users. This way we can find out what is functioning well and what needs to be improved, in addition to be assured that the pages are loading quickly and are displayed correctly. All the information collected by these cookies are anonymous and not linked to the user personal data. To perform these operations on this website we use some third party services that make the data anonymous and not amenable to single individuals (“single-in”). Wherever there are some not-anonymous services, the user will find them listed under the third party cookies to which he/she can refuse his consent in order to protect his/her privacy.

3. Functional and third party profiling cookies

Under this category there are the cookies provided by third parties that are not controlled or controllable by us.

The definition “third party cookies” applies when the subject that install the cookie in the user computer is not the owner of the website that the user is visiting but the owner of a different website that is installing cookies through the first website.

These cookies allow for advanced operations and also for more information and personal functions.

Among these, for example, there are the cookies registered by the main social networks, that allow the user to share articles of this website and show in public his/her appreciation of the contents presented on this website .

These cookies are used by third parties without our control, and they have the possibility to intercept the user during his/her navigation even outside this website.

These cookies, typically of the profiling kind, are not directly controllable by us so we can’t grant for the use that third parties will make of the information collected .

Possibility to disable cookies

The majority of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc..) are configured to accept cookies.

Nonetheles the majority of browsers allow to control and disable cookies by modifying the browser settings.

Disabling navigation or functional cookies may determine a malfunction of the website and/or limit its services.

For further information the user is invited to visit

To manage, disable third party cookies or learn more about them please visit


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